Chandamama branched out from its mother brand “Anantar” to create a series of textile artwork of baby forms of Hanuman or Ganesha and mothers like Saraswati or Durga and others. Chandamama dreams to reintroduce our very own playful SUPERHEROES in our homes as well as lives of children & adults.

Chandamama aims to recreate bonds, kindle curiosity & make play more meaningful. It aims to create an engaging yet subtle way to introduce young fertile minds to Indian culture & fall in love with it, naturally strengthening our roots in our tradition.

A range of exciting products like unique textile art, jigsaw puzzles, cute fridge magnets, hardbound notebooks, exotic serving trays, framed inspirations, folding tote bags, clip-boards, journals make great meaningful gifts and go towards making dreams become real in many a lives.

Our paintings are unique and absolutely adorable. Hand-painted on fabric and skillfully brought to life with delicate embroidery and layers of complementary fabrics, these bring good cheer and simple innocent joy into our living spaces. The subjects of Chandamama’s paintings are “bal swaroop” forms of our very own superheroes such as Krishna, Hanuman, Ganesha, Shiva,Vishnu, Brahma, Buddha & our wonder women like Laxmi, Saraswati and the various forms of Durga.

Our jigsaw puzzles are an amazing bonding tool between grandparents, parents and children. These encourage conversations and spark interest in our rich heritage in a playful and interactive manner.

The proceeds from the sale of the artwork go towards funding livelihood initiatives at grassroot levels by Dreams Foundation.