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Meet Tulsibhai


Dream: To expand his readymade garments shop business

Tulsibhai Galubhai lives his life running a readymade garment shop in Bapunagar.He wished to increase the volume of his work, he needed to invest more. He used to be constantly struggling to make two ends meet and provide a good education to his kids but he wished to change that. Desperate, he took a risk and took a loan from the bank of Rs 1,00,000 at a12%rate of interest per annum. Unfortunately his current earningsare as much as his interest. Despite his honesty and hardworking nature, he couldn’t change his financial situation. Dreams foundation supported him in emerging from this vicious cycle of debt.

Meet Kokiben


Dream: To own a home and support her daughter’s fashion design course

Kokiben Rathod lives with her two children as a single parent. She was physically abused by her husband for many years and with lots of struggle managed to run away. She has now been living apart from her husband for last 15 years and has raised her children single handedly. She is a tailor by profession and has been working at a unit for 13 years now. She has bought a sewing machine so she can work at home after working hours. She needs extra income for their daily survival. To support her, her daughter had joined a professional course in fashion design supported by a donor,but is now dropping out as they couldn’t afford other expenses too. Their first priority now is to own a one-room home. Her son is now studying alongside his work.


Meet Rupa


Dream: To support her daughters’ education and career propects

Rupalives with her two daughters— Devika and Nidhi. Her husband passed away 8 months ago, but she has always been the family’s main breadwinner as her husband was an alcoholic and was not earning enough to sustain the family at his job as a vehicle mechanic. She has worked very hard to provide education and a bright future to her daughters. Her older daughter Devika is happily married .Her younger daughter Nidhi is studying fashion design. Rupa needs to earn extra for her fees and her daughter needs to practice stitching. 
Dreams foundation has helped them to purchase a sewing machine.

Meet Balu behn


Dream: To put her master craftsmanship into supporting her children’s education

Balu behn Waghela has been working as a patchwork artisan for the last 20 years.She is now a master craftsman and has grown to become a leader and gets work done in various groups of artisans. She can cut and create many new designs. Her husband is a mason, but his earnings are not enough for their basic needs.She had to pawn her jewellery to educate her kids who are now working. They dream of owning their own two-room home one day, and are all working hard towards it.
Dreams bought her a sewing machine to work and earn more in her spare time.

Meet Champaben


Dream: To have a safe home for her family without the burden of loan and interest

Champaben lives with her family of six, working day and night as a rag-picking woman to support them. A couple of years ago in the monsoons, she took a loan of Rs 30,000 to renovate her home so that they could live safely and peacefully. Since then, she has been struggling to repay the loan as she also needs pay an exorbitant interest rate of 2-3%. So, with the help Dreams Foundation, she has finally got herself out of that debt cycle.