Our Happy Spaces initiative is a colourful and fun way to give to Dreams Foundation while also receiving something in return. For a fixed sum, you receive inspirational paintings to display in your home or office, one for each day of the year.

A group of volunteers, artists and slum kids gather bi-weekly to create beautiful paintings with inspirational messages. The art elevates the space and mind bestowing upon it dimensions of vibrancy, brightness and purity. It goes a very long way in bringing about positivity in the environment and minds of all including children. These have been displayed in homes, offices, hospitals, factories, clinics and public spaces.

Your monthly packet includes:

  • 2 sets of 16 paintings (a total of 32 paintings)
  • two easels to prop up paintings

You can display a new painting every day, to brighten up your home or work space. At the start of every month your set of 32 paintings will be exchanged for a new set.

Corporate orders: We also have a corporate plan for a year of 365 paintings shared between 12 companies by investing in only a monthly package.

We hope you, your family, friends and team enjoy beginning each day with the positive thoughts.

To join, contact us at:
Phone: +91 (79) 26852181
Email: info@dreamsfoundations.org